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FAQ Membership Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning SAC membership.

If you have any questions about SAC membership, have a look at this page. If you can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to provide you with additional information.

Questions about registering

How can I become a member of the SAC?

To join the SAC, follow the steps of our registration process. Ten to fourteen days later, you’ll receive your membership card, the bill and all the relevant information concerning your membership.

Can I join during a calendar year? How much will I be charged?

Yes, it is possible to join during a calendar year. The membership fee is calculated as follows:
Joining between 1 January and 30 June               -> full membership fee
Joining between 1 July and 30 September          -> 50% of the membership fee
Joining between 1 October and 31 December    -> One-off joining fee only; the membership fee is waived.

Can I join without being a member of a specific branch?

No. You have to adhere to a specific branch. You can’t just become a member of the association itself.

Which branch should I choose?

You can choose whichever branch you like but we suggest that you choose the one closest to where you live.

Can I be a member of more than one section?

Yes, multiple-section membership is possible. In such cases, one section is defined as the parent section. The full membership fee is not charged for additional sections, only the section contribution.

At what age can we take out membership for our child?

Children may become SAC members from the age of 6.  

We would like to sign up our child for family membership. What do we need to do?

SAC membership is open to children aged 6 and over. Please email us at mv(at)sac-cas.ch with your child's last name, first name and date of birth. If your child has an email address, please provide it as well. We will add it to your family membership.

Can I sign up my child even though they have not yet reached the minimum membership age?

No, we cannot register your child in our system until they have reached the minimum age of 6. Pre-registration is not possible.

Can I join the SAC if I don’t live in Switzerland?

Yes. All the information plus the magazine «Die Alpen» will be sent to you even if you live abroad.

I would like to gift SAC membership to someone – how does that work?

Fill in the "Gift Membership" form on the SAC website. You can choose whether the gift documentation should be sent directly to the gift recipient or to you. In addition to the membership card, the gift documentation includes general information about the SAC, the latest issue of "Die Alpen" magazine and a gift certificate. After one year, the membership will be charged directly to the recipient of the gift.

Questions about membership categories

Do I need to take any action when my child becomes a legal adult?

No, their membership will be automatically converted into youth membership.

Do I need to take any action when I turn 22 years of age?

No, your youth membership will be automatically converted into single membership.

Can I join as a passive member?

We do not offer passive membership. If you would like to support the Swiss Alpine Club, you can either make a donation or subscribe to the SAC magazine «Die Alpen».  

How can I take out family membership?

Family membership is available to a maximum of 2 adults and any number of children between the ages of 6 and 17 who live at the same address and are members of the same section. Family membership is also available to couples without children.

How can I convert my family membership into single membership?

Please write to us at mv(at)sac-cas.ch if you wish to cancel your family membership and transfer to single membership. Please also inform us of the future membership status of the other family members.

Questions about membership

I would like to change section, how do I do this and what costs are involved?

You can change section at any time. Please let us know by email which section you would like to change to. You will then receive your new membership card for the new section. If the membership fee for the current year has already been paid, the transfer is free of charge. If the fee for the current year has not yet been paid, a new invoice will be issued for the new section.

How can I notify a change of address?

You can change your address in your SAC account. Alternatively, send an email with your membership number and your old and new address to mv(at)sac-cas.ch and we will update your details.  

How can I notify a name change?

Send an email with your membership number and your old and new name to mv(at)sac-cas.ch and we will update your details.

I have lost my membership card – what do I need to do?

Send an email to mv(at)sac-cas.ch with your membership number and your last name, first name and date of birth. We will send you a replacement membership card.  

How do I cancel my membership?

You must send a letter of resignation to your branch. Your membership will be cancelled at the end of the year.

Why do I need a digital SAC-account and how do I activate it?

Every SAC-member can connect to the SAC website using their personal SAC-account. It can be activated by using your membership-number and your PUK which you find on your membership card. All members do have full access to the contents of the route portal, the new SAC-App and the magazine (including the archives, which date back to 1864), an advantage which only SAC members can avail of.

Why doesn't my PUK code work?

The PUK code is only used to activate your account. You then have to create a password, which you can subsequently change or reset at any time.

Questions about the membership fee/membership invoice

How much is the annual fee?

The annual fee varies depending on the branch but it is between CHF 80.– and CHF 110.– per year. The yearly fee for families is between CHF 110.– and CHF 280.–.

Are there discounted membership rates for students, young people in training etc.?

Children and young people up to the age of 22 benefit from the discounted fees of the youth membership category. There are no special discounts for students, young people in training etc., who are older than 22 years of age.   

Do I need to renew my membership for the upcoming year?

No, your membership is automatically renewed.

When will I receive the membership invoice for the upcoming year?

Membership invoices are sent out at the end of January.

Can I receive my invoice by email in future?

For technical reasons, we are not yet able to send membership invoices and membership cards electronically.

Why have my personal details (address, section affiliation, etc.), which I updated at the end of last year, not yet been amended on the new membership invoice?

Invoice data is prepared in December. It is possible that the changes were made after the data was prepared and are therefore not yet shown on the new annual invoice. Should this be the case, please contact us at mv(at)sac-cas.ch.

Questions about membership benefits

What advantages does SAC membership have?

As a member, you benefit from many advantages at the SAC and with our partners. Find a current overview of all membership benefits here.

As a member of the SAC, am I also a member of the Rega for example?

Children and young people aged between 6 and 22 years old automatically become Rega patrons. Adult members of the SAC are not automatically insured but can benefit from special insurance offers.

Can I cancel my subscription to «Die Alpen»?

Yes, you can. However, this has no impact on the membership fee, which will be charged in full.

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